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You could take either the pill or the liquid form of this medication. Such clients are needed to see their medical professional on a regular basis during the first three months of the treatment to make certain there is no hazard to their health and wellness and wellbeing. Throughout the treatment you can experience some adverse effects - diarrhea, adjustments in appetite, completely dry mouth, lowered sex drive, runny nose, aching neck, lightheadedness and drowsiness. Prozac (fluoxetine) could be suggested by your doctor if you have depression, obsessive-compulsive ailment, some eating disorders, anxiety attack, premenstrual dysphoric condition signs, or a few other disorders that require to be treated. Do not take Prozac if you are likewise taking pimozide, thioridazine, or any one of the MAO inhibitors. If you are younger compared to 24 your problem will certainly be monitored closely during the very first 2-3 months of the treatment to see to it you are handling this medicine well, as one of the negative effects experienced at the start of the treatment is believing concerning injuring yourself. You need to not increase the dose by yourself as this adjustment must be based upon the assessment of your health disorder. If you all of a sudden develop any of the adhering to signs, particularly at the start of the treatment, state them to the doctor promptly: considering hurting yourself, aggression, agitation, irritability, intensifying misery, serious uneasyness, anxiety attack, suicidal ideas, extreme fear, problem sleeping, or unusual exhilaration.

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You will certainly have to seek emergency situation health care support if you have actually taken too much and experience any of the signs mentioned. Communications could stop you from taking pleasure in all the perks of the therapy and you will certainly should ensure you do not start taking any kind of new medicines without asking your healthcare company just how safe it is going to be for you.

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When taking Prozac you could obtain such mild negative effects as constipation, stale nose, enhanced appetite, sleep problems, completely dry mouth, mild nausea, sleepiness, and some people ones that can be specific. Reduction of appetite and moderate hassle you do not need to get worried if you experience diarrhea. Do not begin taking any type of new medicines and tell your healthcare carrier if you are using, or have actually been just recently using these medicines: vinblastine, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines such as aspirin and ibuprofen, antidepressants, blood insulin, lithium, phenytoin, flecainide, seizure medicines, diuretics, diabetic issues oral medications, resting tablets, medications for stress and anxiety, diazepam, personality disorder medicines, sedatives, anticoagulants, sibutramine, tramadol, drugs for migraine frustrations, alprazolam, Parkinson's disease drugs, tranquilizers, or digoxin.