Prozac Capsules

This medicine is FDA maternity group C - it can be unsafe to an unborn child and could trigger childbirth defects.

If you see your symptoms are becoming worse get in touch with your medical professional as quickly as possible.

, if you or someone else took also much of Fluoxetine look for emergency medical help..

Accumsan Porttitor

Dry mouth, adjustments in sex drive, sleepiness, anxiety, queasiness, weight reduction, wound throat, reduction of appetite and weak point are side results of Prozac.

You re not expected to take Fluoxetine along from thioridazine, rasagiline, pimozide, selegiline, phenelzine, isocarboxazid, or tranylcypromine to stay clear of dangerous interactions.


If you are uncertain whether the medicine you are taking concerns any one of those groups, it's ideal to speak to your healthcare supplier first.

Please see to it you tell your doctor if you have liver condition, cardiovascular disease, a recent past of cardiac arrest, diabetes, or seizures, as you may really need to be suggested a specific dosage of Prozac that you will profit from.


Your medical professional could advise integrating this medicine with olanzapine to manage treatment-resistant depression and misery connected with bipolar illness.