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Make certain to discuss any medicines you are utilizing at the minute - particularly medicines for seizures, digoxin, medicines for migraine hassles, various other antidepressants, medications for anxiety, antidepressants, anticoagulants, blood insulin or oral medicines for diabetes, sedatives, resting tablets, tranquilizers, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, or lithium. However, you should talk with your medical professional prior to suddenly stopping to take Prozac, as or else you could endure a regression of depression.

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Prior to your medical professional prescribes you a certain dosage of Prozac make certain you inform him if you have any sort of medical issues that should be stated - such as liver disease, heart disease., a recent record of cardiac arrest, seizures, or diabetic issues. If you obtain pregnant while taking this medication you need to continue taking it and chat to your doctor. Your doctor may recommend combining this medicine with olanzapine to treat treatment-resistant misery and depression associated with bipolar illness.